Documentation forKiwi CatTools

How to download Cisco IOS running config to SCP server

This example demonstrates how to use the Device.CLI.Send commands activity to download the current running configuration of a Cisco IOS device to a SCP server.

  1. Open Kiwi CatTools.
  2. In the Activities panel, click Add.
  3. Click the Activity tab.
    1. Select Type Device.CLI.Send commands
    2. Enter a name and description, for example "Download Cisco IOS config to SCP".
  4. Click the Options tab.
  5. Select List of commands to be entered on device and enter the following code:
    copy running-config scp://Destination username:Destination
    password@Destination HostIP/Destination filename
  6. Select Enter commands in enable mode.
  7. Select Save device output to file. Specify the log file name.
  8. Select Overwrite existing capture file.
  9. Select Answer yes to any confirmation prompts.
  10. Select Stop on error.


After the activity runs the example script above against your device

copy running-config scp://Admin:Password@

the device then responds with the prompts:

Address or name of remote host []?
Destination username [Admin]?
Destination filename [Device-Config.txt]?

By using the %crCR Meta Variable, the device tells CatTools to send a CR (Carriage Return) response to each prompt. Note the use of the device name meta variable: %ctDeviceName

For more information, refer to Backing up device via SFTP/SCP.