Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Troubleshoot over-allocated DPA licenses

The DPA home page displays a red banner if DPA is monitoring more registered database instances than you have licenses to monitor. This can happen in two situations:

  • A license expires when you have unexpired licenses of the same type on the server.
  • You deactivate a license and have other licenses of the same type on the server.

If DPA licenses are over-allocated, you cannot view or analyze your database instances until you deallocate the extra licenses. DPA continues monitoring the databases, so you will not lose data while you bring the allocated licenses to an allowable level.

If necessary, you can purchase and activate additional licenses.

To correct an issue of over-allocated licenses, deallocate database instances until you reach the proper number of licenses. If Category 2 licenses are over-allocated, assign available Category 1 licenses to cover the shortage. If Azure SQL Database licenses are over-allocated, assign Category 1 or 2 licenses to cover the shortage.

  1. On the DPA home page, click License Management.
  2. Locate the over-allocated license type on the allocations chart. Over-allocated license types are shown in red.
  3. Clear Cat 1, Cat 2, Azure, or VM checkboxes until the chart is no longer red.
  4. Click Save.

    You should now see your database instances in your views.