Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Manage trusted certificates in the DPA trust store

DPA can use certificates in the DPA trust store to connect to any database instance or LDAP server. These certificates are used only by DPA. You can use DPA to view, import, and delete these certificates.

The DPA trust store is located, by default, in the  DPA-install-dir\iwc\tomcat\ignite_config\security directory.

View information about certificates in the DPA trust store

  1. From the DPA menu in the upper-right corner, click Options.

  2. Under Administration > Configuration, click Trusted Certificate Management.

    The Trusted Certificate Management page opens. The DPA Trust Store tab lists the alias and expiration data of each certificate in the DPA trust store. You can:

    • Sort by alias or expiration date. Click the down arrow to select the attribute you want to sort by. Click the sort button to reverse the sort order.

    • Enter a string in the search field to search for a certificate by alias name. The list is filtered to show only certificates whose name includes the search string.

Import a certificate into the DPA trust store

You can import a file that contains a single certificate, or you can import an entire keystore.

  1. Open the DPA Trust Store tab.
  2. Click Import certificate(s).

    The Import certificate file dialog box opens.

  3. Click Browse and select the certificate file.

  4. If you are importing a PKCS#12 file, enter the keystore password.

    If you are importing a PEM or DER file, enter a unique alias to identify this certificate.

    If you do not enter an alias, the subject from the certificate is used. If the alias is not unique within the DPA trust store, DPA appends a number to make it unique.

  5. Click Import.

    DPA displays the import status. To display the status of each certificate, click Show complete results.

Delete a certificate from the DPA trust store

You can remove certificates that are expired or no longer needed.

  1. Open the DPA Trust Store tab.

  2. Select one or more certificates to delete.

  3. Click Delete, and then click Delete in the confirmation dialog box.

    The certificate is removed from the DPA trust store.