Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Configure the mail server used to send DPA emails

To send email messages (such as alert notifications or scheduled reports), DPA must be able to connect to a mail (SMTP) server. By default, DPA uses a third-party SMTP email service (AuthSMTP). Alternatively, you can choose to use:

  • An embedded mail server that runs inside of DPA.

    In some environments, this server might be blocked from sending email by firewalls or other SMTP restrictions.

  • Your company's mail server.

To change the mail server or update connection information, complete the following steps.

  1. From the DPA menu in the upper-right corner, click Options.

  2. Under Administration > Configuration, click Configure Mail Server.

    The Mail Server Configuration page opens.

  3. Under Choose a Mail Server, select the mail server you want DPA to use.

  4. If you selected Company Mail Server, enter connection information under Company Mail Server Settings.

    If DPA is configured to use credentials stored in CyberArk, this page displays a field for the CyberArk credentials query instead of fields for a user name and password.

  5. Click Send Test E-mail to test the settings.

  6. Click Save.

You do not need to restart DPA after you configure the mail server.