Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Create a MySQL repository database

After you install DPA, you must create the repository database, which holds the performance data that DPA collects. Use this procedure to create a MySQL repository database.

To create a different type of repository database, see Create a SQL Server repository database, Create a MySQL repository database, or Create an Azure SQL repository database.

If one or more monitored database instances is created with multi-byte support, the repository database should also be created with multi-byte support.

Before you start

Before you run the Repository wizard:

Make sure the repository database server meets the system requirements.
Install a supported version of MySQL on the database server.
If you run the wizard from a different computer (not the server where DPA was installed), make sure the required firewall port is open. By default, port 8124 must be open.
The DPA server connects to the repository through a TCP/IP connection. Make sure that connection is not blocked by a firewall.

Run the wizard

  1. To open DPA, enter the following URL in a web browser, where yourServer is the hostname or IP address of the DPA server:


    If the repository database has not been created, the Repository wizard opens automatically.

  2. Click Create New Repository.
  3. Complete the remaining wizard panels as described in the following table.

Panel Instructions
Select Repository Database Instance Type Select MySQL as the database type.
Enter Repository Connection Information

DPA creates a new database and populates it with tables, indexes, and initial data.

  1. Enter the server name or IP address and port.
  2. Select a method for creating or configuring the MySQL repository user.

If you are using MySQL 8.0 as the repository database, you must create the repository user manually, and you must include the following in the CREATE USER command:

IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'yourPassword';

To create a new account:

  1. Click Provide a privileged user.
  2. Enter the credentials of an existing user with privileges to create the repository user and grant the required permissions. The credentials for the privileged user are not used or stored after the registration.

    The privileged user requires the Create, Drop, and Create User permissions and must be able to grant the following permissions:

    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on databaseName

    Where databaseName is the repository database you create or select when you set up the MySQL repository storage.

To specify and existing account:

  1. Click Provide the repository user.
  2. Enter credentials. DPA encrypts the password.

Alternatively, you can use the script that DPA provides to create a repository user.

  1. Click Repository DB and User Creation Script, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Copy the edited script to the MySQL console, and run it.
  3. Provide this user as your repository user.
Enter Repository Login

If you provided the repository user in the previous step, the wizard skips this step.

DPA can create the repository administrator account, or you can specify an existing account. To ensure that the account has the required permissions, SolarWinds recommends creating a new account.

To create a new account:

  1. Next to Create New User, click Yes.
  2. Enter the user name and password.

To specify an existing account:

  1. Next to Create New User, click No.
  2. Enter the user name and password.
Specify Database for the Repository

To store the repository in a new database, enter a database name. DPA prefixes the name with dpa_ for identification.

To store the repository in an existing database, select a database from the list.

This option is available only if the repository instance contains an empty database.

  • If your MySQL Administrator created a database for DPA, select the database from the list.
  • If you provided a privileged user, DPA only displays tables with Select permissions granted to the privileged user.
  • If you provided the repository user, DPA only displays tables with Select permissions granted to the repository user.
  • No database permissions are required while using the privileged user. DPA grants the required permissions to the specified user when creating the repository.
  • The All privilege is required to use the database.
Contact Information

Enter your name and email. DPA sends database performance reports to this address.


Review the information and click Create Repository.

Finished Repository Creation

After the repository has been created, click Register Database Instance to start registering instances, or close the wizard and register instances later.