Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Upgrade DPA on a Linux-based OS

  1. Review the upgrade checklist and prepare your environment.
  2. Download the most recent version of DPA from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  3. Install the new version in a new directory on your existing server.
  4. Run ./ from the old installation directory.
  5. Locate the directory that was created when you installed the new version:

    /home/dpa_x_x_xxx = old installation home

    /home/dpa_12_x_xxx = new DPA home

  6. Copy or move these directories from the old installation to the new:


    Do not copy hotfix files.

    For example:

    mv OLD_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/* NEW_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/


    cp -rp OLD_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/* NEW_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/

    Copying Find SQL index data might take some time.

  7. If you changed the default SolarWinds DPA ports, then you must modify the server.xml file in the new installation to incorporate the port changes from your earlier installation.
  8. Run ./ from the new directory.

To complete the upgrade:

  • Update any system startup files or cron job scripts that were created for the older version.
  • Ensure the older version of DPA cannot start because this will cause conflicts with your ports, monitored instances, and the repository.
  • If you have configured DPA to use a custom certificate for SSL/TLS, migrate the custom certificate.

If one or more DPA licenses are expired, you must remove the expired licenses before DPA can complete the repository upgrade. When all licenses are compliant, you can complete the upgrade process by opening DPA and clicking Proceed with upgrade.