Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Show or hide VMware events on metric charts

For database instances that run on virtual machines (VMs), resource metric charts display VMware events. By default, the charts display events that occur on the VM where the database instance runs, as well as events on all other VMs that run on the same host. These events can sometimes explain changes in resource behavior.

  • Events on the VM where the database instance runs are shown in bold text.
  • Events on a different VM are shown in plain text.

You can change which VMware events DPA displays on metric charts. These settings apply when you open DPA on the current computer using the same type of browser (for example, Chrome).

  1. From the DPA menu in the upper-right corner, click Options.

  2. Under Administration > Display, click Display Options.
  3. From the View Events drop-down menu, select which VMware events you want DPA to display on metric charts:
    • None
    • For this VM
    • For all VMs on host