Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Unregister a monitored database instance

If you want to remove one of your monitored database instances from DPA, you must unregister it.

If you unregister a monitored database instance, DPA stops monitoring the instance and removes all historical performance data from the repository.

  1. From the DPA menu in the upper-right corner, click Options.

  2. Under Monitor Setup > Database Instances, click Unregister DB Instance.
  3. Select a database instance, and click Next.
  4. Determine which DPA objects (if any) to remove from the database instance:

    • If the database instance is not currently running or cannot be reached, do not select any objects. Click Next.

      If you select objects and DPA cannot access the instance to remove them, DPA cannot unregister the instance.

    • If the database instance is running and can be reached, select the DPA objects to remove and then click Next.

      Depending on the database type, you can remove one or both of the following objects:

      • Monitoring User: You can remove the monitoring user if no other applications, including other installations of DPA, are using this user.

      • DPA Database Objects: This refers to tables that are created in the schema of the monitoring user. If you remove the monitoring user, these objects are removed since they are owned by the monitoring user. You can remove these objects if no other installations of DPA are monitoring this instance.

      You cannot remove objects on certain database types, such as read-only replicas.

  5. Confirm the unregistration information, and click Unregister Database Instance. This may take several minutes.
  6. Click Finish to complete the unregistration.