Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Set advanced DPA configuration options

You can use advanced options to change DPA's default behavior. For example, you can:

In most cases, you will change these options when instructed to do so by SolarWinds Support or based on information from another topic of this administration guide (such as the linked topics above).

  1. From the DPA menu in the upper-right corner, click Options.

  2. Under Administration > Configuration, click Advanced Options.

    The System Options tab lists options that apply to all database instances. The list includes a description of each option.

  3. If you are setting an option that applies to a single database instance, click DB Instance Options and select the database instance.
  4. If the option is a Support option, select Support Options in the upper-right corner to display those options.

    Support options are not displayed by default. In most cases, they should be changed only if you are instructed to do by a Support representative.

  5. Click the name of an option to open the Edit Option dialog.
  6. To change an option value, enter the New Value and click Update.