Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Access DPA query or table tuning advisors

DPA provides two types of advisors:

  • Query advisors provide information to help you improve the performance of a specific query, including what type of waits were responsible for significant wait time, whether the statement was blocked by other sessions, and whether execution plans include potentially expensive steps such as full table scans.

  • Table tuning advisors are generated when a significant number of inefficient queries run against a table. These advisors provide aggregated information about the table, the inefficient queries that ran against it, and any existing indexes.

The Tuning column on the DPA home page displays a warning or critical icon when advisors with a warning or critical status are available for a database instance. A green check mark in this column indicates that there are no advisors or that all advisors are informational.

View all advisors for a database instance

To view all advisors for a database instance, do either of the following to open the Tuning Advisors page:

  • From the DPA home page, click the icon in the Tuning column.
  • If you have drilled in to view information about a database instance, click the Tuning tab in the upper-right corner of the instance details page.

    A red or yellow bar on the Tuning tab indicates that critical or warning advisors are available.

The Tuning Advisors page displays the latest query and table tuning advisors. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to display advisors generated for a previous date.

Query advisors are calculated every hour. Table tuning advisors are calculated once a day, at the end of the day. The most recent table tuning advisors are for the previous day.

Open an advisor

For detailed information to help you resolve performance issues:

  • Click a query advisor to open the Query Detail page, which displays detailed information about the query along with the most relevant statistics and metrics charts.

  • Click a table tuning advisor to open the Table Tuning Advisor page, which displays aggregated information about the table and the inefficient queries that ran against it.