Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Disable the collection of resource metric data

You can prevent DPA from collecting data for a resource metric. You can disable data collection for a specific database instance or for all monitored instances.

  1. On the DPA home page, click the database instance.

    If you are going to disable data collection for all database instances, you can click any instance.

  2. Click the Resources tab.
  3. Click the tab that displays the metric that you do not want to collect data for.
  4. Locate the metric chart and click to the right of the chart.

    The Resource Settings page displays the settings for the metric.

  5. Click Custom.
  6. Under Data collection, click the Enabled toggle switch to deselect it.

    The switch turns black and the label changes to Disabled.

  7. Do one of the following:
    • To disable data collection for this database instance, click Save.
    • To disable data collection for all database instances, click Save As Default.