Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Upgrade DPA

Use the following information to prepare for your upgrade.

Supported upgrade paths

The supported upgrade paths are:

  • DPA 2022.3 → 2024.2
  • DPA 2022.4 → 2024.2
  • DPA 2023.1 → 2024.2
  • DPA 2023.2.1 → 2024.2
  • DPA 2023.2.100 → 2024.2
  • DPA 2023.4.300 → 2024.2

If you are upgrading from a version of DPA that is no longer supported, contact SolarWinds Support for assistance with your upgrade.

DPAIM compatibility

If you are not monitoring PostgreSQL database instances, DPAIM 11.1 or later is fully compatible with the current version of DPA.

If you are monitoring PostgreSQL database instances, DPAIM 2020.2 or later is required to display all available data from PostgreSQL instances in the SolarWinds Platform.

My upgrade plan checklist

Use this checklist to help plan and prepare for your upgrade.

Review the release notes for information about new features, fixed issues, and known issues.

Review the system requirements to make sure your environment meets all hardware and software requirements.

Review your current product licenses and determine if you need to make any changes. You can download any updated license keys for your upgrade through your Customer Portal. Verify any license upgrades and needs with your SolarWinds account manager or contact SolarWinds.
Gather credentials. Make sure you have your SolarWinds account and local administrator credentials for the DPA server.
Check for and run all Windows or Linux operating system updates.

Schedule the upgrade. Set up the maintenance window, preferably during off-peak hours. The duration depends on the size of your repository database and the number of monitored database instances.

Upgrades will require database monitoring to be offline for a short period of time.

Notify your company of the upgrade schedule and maintenance window. If you need additional help, contact and allocate specific staff to be available.

How long does an upgrade take?

DPA upgrades typically take fewer than 10 minutes. The time it takes to complete an upgrade depends on:

  • Hardware
  • DPA server performance
  • Repository database server performance and database size
  • Number of monitored database instances

Because every configuration is different, we cannot predict exactly how long your upgrade will take.

If you are upgrading on a Linux server and FindSQL index files are stored in the ignite_config folder (which is the default location), copying the ignite_config folder can take more than 10 minutes because of the index file sizes.

Prepare your environment to upgrade

When you are ready to upgrade, complete these steps. They include the common actions you need to complete before upgrading DPA.

If you have a test or staging environment, we highly recommend testing the upgrade first. You cannot roll back an installation once completed.

Back up your DPA server. If you have your DPA server on a VM, create a snapshot or copy of your VM.

Back up your repository database. If you need help, please check your vendor's site for documentation and instructions.

You cannot roll back an upgrade. Always create a repository database backup.

Stop DPA.

Upgrade DPA

Follow the upgrade instructions based on the operating system of your DPA server:

  1. Select your environment below to upgrade DPA.
  2. If you have the DPA Integration Module in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, upgrade that after the DPA upgrade is complete.

After the upgrade, check your system

Open DPA and verify the version displayed on the login screen or in the header on the home page. Try current and new features to check performance and expected functionality.