Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

View information about a group of database instances

DPA automatically groups Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) instances and Oracle multitenant container databases (CDB) containing pluggable databases (PDB). You can also manually create groups of database instances. When databases are grouped, you can view information about how wait time is distributed throughout the group and top waits and top SQL statements for the entire group.

  1. From the DPA home page, click the name of the group.

    The Balance Report bar graph shows the amount of wait time for each database instance in the group for the past month. Use this report to evaluate load distribution among the group members.

  2. Click Top Waits to see the top 15 waits across all database instances in the group.
  3. Click Top SQL to see the 15 SQL statements with the most wait time across all database instances in the group.