Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

View DPA data in the SolarWinds Platform

Integrating Database Performance Analyzer with the SolarWinds SolarWinds Platform provides visibility to issues affecting your database performance in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console and the rest of your monitoring information. You can view database instance information alongside other environmental factors to get a more comprehensive view of issues affecting users and your IT infrastructure.

Integrating DPA information into your SolarWinds Platform adds DPA-specific resources that poll information directly from DPA and expands the information available in other resources. Information from DPA, such as database wait time, improve your ability to troubleshoot slow response times or pinpoint database instances that need more resources.

For information about installing DPAIM and setting up the integration, see Integrate DPA with SolarWinds Platform products.

After the integration set up is complete, the SolarWinds Platform server saves the relationships made between DPA database instances and nodes, and applications monitored by the SolarWinds Platform. The SolarWinds Platform server uses a service account created during integration set up to poll the DPA server for information and uses the relationships stored in the SolarWinds Platform database to display the related node or application. The SolarWinds Platform server requests information from the DPA server on the SSL port 8124 and provides links to DPA in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console that open to more detailed information. Users are automatically logged in to DPA with the service account credentials unless they already have a session open to DPA. No data from the SolarWinds Platform server is displayed in DPA.

Integrating adds a Databases section to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console to monitor your databases. The Databases Summary view is a dashboard displaying database performance across your organization, whether the databases are monitored in DPA or in an SolarWinds Platform product.

Integrated database information is most helpful when used with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor. This guide draws on many examples assuming you installed SAM.