Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Manually group database instances in DPA

DPA automatically groups Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) instances and Oracle multitenant container databases (CDB) containing pluggable databases (PDB). You can manually group other database instances so that they are displayed together on the DPA home page. For example, you can create groups based on type or location. When database instances are grouped, you can view information about all instances in the group.

A database instance can be included in only one group.

Create a custom group

  1. On the DPA home page above the list of database instances, click Group Settings.

    The Manage Instance Groups dialog box lists the existing groups.

  2. Click Add.

    The Add Instance Group dialog box lists the database instances that are not members of an existing group.

  3. Enter a name, select the database instances to include, and then click Add.

Show or hide groups on the DPA home page

Toggle the Show Groups button above the list of database instances to show or hide groups.

  • When you show groups (the default), the DPA home page lists ungrouped database instances first, followed by groups in alphabetical order. You can expand or collapse each group. Click the group name to view information about all instances in the group.

  • When you hide groups, the DPA home page lists database instances alphabetically.