Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Set up the DPA Integration Module

You need the following information to integrate DPA with the SolarWinds Platform:

  • DPA server host name or IP address
  • DPA port number
  • DPA administrator credentials
  • SolarWinds Platform server host name or IP address
  • DPA server display name

Set up the Integration Module in Settings

  1. Log in as an administrator. Non-administrator accounts cannot view the Manage DPA Servers page.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings.
  3. Under Product Specific Settings, click Database Performance Analyzer.
  4. Click Manage DPA Servers.
  5. Click Add DPA Server.
  6. Enter the required information, and click Test Connection.

    If the test fails and a new field for the SolarWinds Platform server address is displayed, enter your SolarWinds Platform server address using the fully qualified domain name or IP address.

  7. Click Integrate.

What happens during the integration setup?

  1. The SolarWinds Platform server tests the connection and credentials to ensure it can communicate with the DPA server.
  2. The SolarWinds Platform server uses the DPA administrator credentials to create service accounts on the DPA server, which are then saved to the SolarWinds Platform server.
  3. The SolarWinds Platform server tests the connection and credentials again, and enables single sign-on.
  4. The SolarWinds Platform server sets up federation so it can retrieve information from the SolarWinds Platform database and the DPA repository database.
  5. The SolarWinds Platform server creates relationships between nodes, applications, and database instances from DPA.

The service account is used when the SolarWinds Platform server queries the DPA server for information.

Resolving certificate validation issues

If the SolarWinds Platform is configured to validate remote server certificates, the SolarWinds Platform must trust the certificate on the remote DPA server to allow integration. If certificate is not trusted, integration fails and DPAIM displays a message.

To resolve this issue, you can do either of the following:

  • Configure the DPA server to use a certificate that is trusted by the SolarWinds Platform. The certificate must be issued by an authority that is included in the SolarWinds Platform server trust store. When you generate the certificate, make sure that it contains the host name that people use to access the DPA web console and also the host name that will be used for integration. Use the Subject Alternative Name field to include multiple host names.

  • Export the DPA self-signed certificate, and then import that certificate to the SolarWinds Platform server and any additional polling engines. When you set up DPA integration, use the host name that is included in the certificate.