Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Create email contacts

Email contacts are people who can receive email notifications when an alert is triggered, or who can receive scheduled reports through email. When you define an alert or schedule a report, you can select the recipient from the list of available contacts.

You can also send alert notifications to Slack or Teams channels and send SNMP traps from DPA alerts.

  1. Log in to DPA using an account with administrator privileges.
  2. From the DPA menu in the upper-right corner, click Options.

  3. Under Administration > Users & Contacts, click Contact Management.
  4. On the Contact management page, click Create contact.

    If any contacts are selected, the Create contact button is not displayed.

  5. Under Contact type, select Email.
  6. Enter the contact's name and email address.

  7. To test the email address, click Send test email. Then verify that the person received the email.
  8. (Optional) Add the contact to one or more groups.

    1. Click the down-arrow under Assign contact to groups.

    2. Click a group name to select the group.

      The group is shown in the Assign contacts to groups box.

    3. Repeat these steps to add the contact to more groups.

  9. Click Create.

    The contact is added to the list of contacts.