Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Add an annotation to document a change to the database

  See this video: How to Use Annotations in DPA.

When you make a change that could affect performance (such as adding an index, tuning a query, or adding resources), you can add an annotation in DPA to show when that change was made. The annotations are displayed on all trend and timeslice charts. By comparing performance data before and after the change, you can see what effect the change had.

  1. From the DPA home page, click the name of the database instance affected by the change.
  2. Click Annotate in the upper-right corner of the trend chart.
  3. Name the annotation, specify when it was added, and provide details about what change was made and why.

    If your DPA server is in a different time zone, enter the DPA server time.

  4. Click Save.

    The annotation is displayed as a flag on the chart. Point to the flag to see a summary, or click it to see details.