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Create a firewall rule for AppInsight for IIS

SolarWinds offers a PowerShell script that you can use to create firewall rules for IIS, available here. Download, unpack, and execute the script by right-clicking it and selecting, Run with PowerShell. The following parameters apply:

  • Without parameters: The rule is created with the default name, "Windows Remote Management HTTP/SSL" for port 5986.
  • With one parameter: Non-default custom port.
  • With two parameters: Non-default custom port and rule name

Run this script with the default arguments from the PowerShell console or specify each one, as shown in this example:

& '.\Add firewall rule.ps1' 5988 "My custom firewall rule name"

The default port for this rule is 5986 and does not need to be specified. Custom ports, as in the example above that uses port 5988, must be specified.