Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

SRM Installation and Upgrade Guide

Updated: June 4, 2020

The SolarWinds Orion Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) offers easy-to-use, real-time storage visibility into your multi-vendor NAS & SAN arrays. Easily set up alerts and reports to monitor performance and capacity trends in your storage environment.

For information about installing, upgrading or deleting versions of SRM prior to 6.6, please see the SRM Legacy Installation Guide.

SolarWinds SRM is an Orion Platform product, and it is thus installed using the SolarWinds Orion Installer. To obtain the installer, download SRM or any other Orion Platform product from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. The installer is included in the download.

Install SRM

To install SRM on premises, see the Orion Platform Products Installation and Upgrade Guide. This guide helps you prepare your environment and install SRM using the Orion Installer.

To deploy SRM in the cloud, see the following topics:

Upgrade SRM

Starting with SRM 6.6, you can upgrade SRM directly from the Orion Web Console (Settings > My Orion Deployment). Downloading the Orion Installer is no longer necessary.

Do you need to migrate as part of your upgrade? See the Migration Guide.

To upgrade SRM and other Orion Platform products, see the Orion Platform Products Installation and Upgrade Guide.

To upgrade your scalability engines (Additional Polling Engines, Additional Web Servers, High Availability servers), see Options for upgrading scalability engines.