Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Manage SRM settings

Settings in SRM, such as thresholds, can be applied at the global level for all storage objects in your environment, or at the object-specific level if an individual device needs attention.

Change global SRM settings

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Click SRM Settings in the Product Specific Settings area.

  3. Select storage object type.

    The SRM threshold page for this storage object type opens.

  4. Update the threshold levels for critical and warning levels as required, and click Submit.

    The Cache Hit Ratio thresholds are reached when the cache hit ratio falls below the values entered. For all other settings, thresholds are reached when the values are exceeded.

Change object-specific SRM settings

  1. Navigate to the required object details page using the All Storage Objects widget.
  2. Click Manage on the Details widget.
  3. The Edit Property page for the object opens.

    Here you can edit the following properties:

    Arrays and clusters


    IP address


    Polling frequencies

    Enable hardware health polling

    Custom properties, if set up

    Alerting thresholds

    Other storage objects


    Custom properties, if set up

    Alerting thresholds

  4. Click Submit.