Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Use Additional Polling Engines with SRM

To collect data at a rate or volume beyond the capacity of a single SRM server, you can add an Additional Polling engine (APE). You can also use APEs for organizational purposes, so storage at each site is monitored by its own APE.

Although you can use a regular SolarWinds APE to retrieve storage information, SolarWinds provides a free SRM APE. This only retrieves storage related information and cannot be used with other products. The SRM APE software is available via your customer portal. You may use as many SRM APEs as required without additional licenses.

Install and configure an Additional Polling Engine (APE)

APEs use the same Microsoft SQL database as your SolarWinds SRM server. They do not require Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

  1. Download the APE from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Browse to the executable, and launch it.

    The executable extracts to a folder containing an HTML readme, an Installer Guide, and Additional Polling Engine installers for all SolarWinds products that support Additional Polling Engines.

  3. Launch the SRM installer.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen, and supply the requested information to install and configure the APE.
  5. From the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, navigate to Settings > All Settings.
  6. Select Manage Storage Objects from the Node & Group Management section.
  7. Select the storage devices to be monitored with the poller.
  8. Click Assign Polling Engine from the More Actions drop-down menu.

    The Select a New a Polling Engine window opens.

  9. Select a polling engine for the selected arrays.
  10. Click Change Polling Engine.

Your selected storage devices are now monitored by the APE instead of the main SolarWinds SRM server.