Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Licensing Storage Resource Monitor (SRM)

SolarWinds Platform products support both perpetual licenses and subscription licenses. See License types in the SolarWinds Platform documentation for details.

SRM is licensed in the same way as other SolarWinds Platform products, as described in License SolarWinds Platform products. However, SRM license levels apply to the number of hard drives and solid state drives and across all Shared Storage (SAN, NAS) systems rather than nodes. This is the number of actual physical drives, regardless of capacity or technology. Disk drives in servers are not counted.

All disk drives managed by the monitored SAN/NAS system will be automatically included for licensing.

For example, the SRM25 license will cover storage environments of up to 25 drives. The SRM50 license covers 26 to 50 drives, and so on.

To see how many drives are currently being monitored:

  1. Navigate to Settings > All Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Details section and click License Details.
  3. Find SRM in the list of installed products.