Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

What is multi-vendor capacity planning?

SRM provides "single-pane-of glass" monitoring, so that all your storage devices are visible in a common, unified view, regardless of vendor or model. Instead of having multiple monitoring applications, where data may be displayed in different formats and units, SRM provides a straightforward, at-a-glance representation of your entire storage environment.

For example, on the SRM Storage Home page, is the Array Usable Capacity Summary widget. This lists all your arrays in one widget, showing total available and remaining capacity.

The Array Usable Capacity Summary widget provides a simple, overall picture of how much storage space remains. SRM also provides predictive widgets that show when objects approach capacity and how long until an object is 90% full, 95% full, or at capacity. SRM does this for all objects, from arrays to individual LUNS and volumes.

In the image below, two NAS Volumes (highlighted in red) are at over 95% capacity and are predicted to reach 100% capacity within five years. A Vserver and a NAS volume (highlighted in yellow) are at over 90% capacity and are predicted to reach 95% capacity within five years and 27 months.