Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Storage Controller monitoring

The 2019.4 release of SRM introduced the monitoring of storage controllers and storage controller ports. Initially, for EMC VNX Clariion devices, users can see details and some performance metrics for storage controllers and storage controller ports.

SRM 2020.2 introduced Storage Controller thresholds. Thresholds can be used to define trigger conditions when creating alerts. For further information, see Manage thresholds for SRM.

Storage controllers are devices that control the main functions of a storage array. Usually they consist of the CPUs, memory (both RAM and Cache) and ports. Sometimes they may be referred to as the storage processor or array controller.

SRM polls storage controllers as a separate polling job so should not impact any other functionality.

Once enabled, the data will be populated after 3 to 4 polls.

Storage Controller polling for a device can be disabled on its Edit Properties page.

Storage Controller widgets