Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Use AppStack with SRM

The Application Stack, or AppStack, is a term used to describe the various layers that make up a complex application delivery infrastructure. The AppStack Environment view is an interactive visual mapping within the SolarWinds Platform that provides an in-depth perspective through the entire environment to help identify the root cause of performance and availability issues.

AppStack automatically gathers information about objects in your environment and their respective relationships, and displays them in the AppStack widget and AppStack view. Some relationships, such as groups and dependencies, can be defined by the user.

You can monitor the health status of storage devices along with associated entities of the storage device. The Appstack Environment reports the status of the arrays, storage pools, volumes, LUNs, servers, hosts, applications, and groups.

SRM automatically constructs the view and presents it via the SolarWinds Platform Web Console and no configuration is needed.

To access the AppStack Environment:

In the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, go to My Dashboards > Home > Environment.

To use the AppStack Environment widget in SRM:

  1. In the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, go to My Dashboards > Storage Summary.
  2. Using the Manage Storage Objects widget, navigate to an object in the environment you want to explore, and view the Details page.

    If the AppStack Environment widget is not displayed, click on Customize Page and add the widget, as described in Create, delete, modify, or restrict views.

For a full description of the AppStack Environment, and the features associated with it, see The AppStack Environment.