Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Monitor IBM SVC / V9000 / V7000 / V5000 / V3700 arrays in SRM

IBM SVC / V9000 / V7000 / V5000 / V3700 arrays are monitored through an onboard SMI-S provider.

IBM has removed support for the SMI-S provider (IBM SVC CIM Agent) for IBM Storage FlashSystem arrays in the IBM Storage Virtual 8.6.1 version operating system. This change also impacts the following models if they support upgrading this firmware version:

  • V9000
  • V7000
  • V5000
  • V3700

The final supported version of IBM Storage Virtualize (SVC/Spectrum Virtualize) is 8.6.0.

IBM SVC 8.6.0.x introduces a separate issue related to performance polling, which can be mitigated by disabling hardware health polling for the impacted storage array.

For information on enabling, see the Enable an IBM SVC array knowledge base article.

After the array is enabled, you can begin monitoring as described in Add your storage array for monitoring with SRM.

Hardware Health Monitoring is available on the following sensors:

  • Ports