Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

What is the performance dashboard?

As soon as you add an array to SRM, data begins to populate the widgets on the dashboards. To see how your storage objects are performing, go to the Performance dashboard.

All SRM dashboards show information about all your devices and show monitored metrics in the same way and on the same widget regardless of the brand or model.

For more on understanding storage performance, see the Understanding Storage Performance and Capacity section in the Essential Enterprise Storage Concepts ebook.

Click My Dashboards > Storage > Performance Dashboard.

The performance dashboard contains widgets that show the Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS), latency, and throughput data for your monitored storage objects. The most commonly used widgets are Storage Objects by Performance Risk, All Storage Objects, LUNs by Performance, and All Active Alerts.

The Storage Objects by Performance Risk widget shows all objects in descending order of risk, letting you see immediately which objects are experiencing problems.

Other widgets on the performance dashboard show performance data by object type.

For more detailed performance information about an object in any widget, click the object name to display the details page.

The All Storage Object tree, All Active Alerts, and the Events Summary are also shown by default on the Performance dashboard.