Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Hardware Health

This widget provides a chart comparing statistics for all or selected sensors in an array, and shows how they have performed over a given period of time in relation to one another.

Use the zoom buttons to restrict the display period to one, 12 or 24 hours, or use the sliders and the scroll bar to zoom in on a specific time period.

The sensors values are displayed on tabs by sensor type (e.g. Fan and Temperature).

This widget is hidden if hardware monitoring is disabled or the array does contain sensors that return values.

Click Edit to:

  • Change the title and subtitle
  • Select the temperature units (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • This will affect all widgets that display temperature for the current user, not just the current array.

  • Change the default zoom range (this can be from the last hour to the last year, with the default being today since midnight).
  • Change the amount of historical data to load (this can be between the last day and the last year)
  • Change the sample interval
  • Data collected during the specified interval is summarized and displayed as a single point or bar in the chart.

  • Add a chart title and subtitle