Documentation forStorage Resource Monitor

Troubleshoot an unreachable array in SRM

An array is indicated as unreachable if SRM is unable to communicate with either the provider or the array itself, depending on the device type.

  1. Go to SRM Settings > All Settings > Manage Storage Objects > Arrays.
  2. Select the unreachable array.
  3. Check that your credentials are correct.
  4. Test the connection:

    If your credentials are correct, but the connection fails, it could be that:

    • Your account does not have the proper permissions
    • You may have a network issue such as a blocked port

    You can change credentials under Manage Storage Objects > Credentials.

  5. Confirm the correct ports are open between SRM and your provider or array.
  6. Confirm that you have the latest hotfixes installed.
  7. Confirm your provider is properly configured. See the appropriate KB article for your provider.

After correcting the above issues, wait 15 to 30 minutes, and the array status should update.