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Monitor WPM transactions in views and widgets

If you are currently using the Deprecated WPM Recorder, it's important to understand that SolarWinds has now aligned with Microsoft Support and will no longer support Internet Explorer-based transactions in a near-term future release. As a result, upcoming releases of WPM will not support editing or playing transactions that originate in the Deprecated WPM Recorder. Now is the time to migrate your WPM recordings and discontinue using the Deprecated WPM Recorder. See Migrate WPM recordings using the Recordings Migration Tool for details.

You can display different views of WPM information in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console to access a variety of information about WPM transactions as they are played back within your environment. Each view includes graph, chart, or table widgets pertaining to that view.

See the SolarWinds Platform Administrator Guide to learn about customizing dashboards, views, and widgets to show the data you want in the way most useful to you.

To monitor transactions from within the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, click My Dashboards > Web > Transactions Summary.

From the Transactions Summary view, you can drill down into the following WPM subviews:

Note the following details about WPM views:

Use the Application Stack (AppStack™) view to check the overall health of your WPM environment, and then drill down into applications, transactions, and steps for a closer look. See Use AppStack with WPM for details.

Available WPM widgets that you can use on WPM views include: