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Manage transaction locations in WPM

Transaction locations (also called "playback locations") are places in your environment that host the WPM Player service. Each transaction location hosts an WPM Player agent that is registered with the main Orion server, plays transactions created in the Web Transaction Recorder, and collects statistics to send to the Orion server for analysis.

You can use the Manage Transaction Locations page to add, edit, and delete transaction locations in the Orion Web Console.

  1. Click Settings > WPM Settings > Manage Player Locations.
  2. On the Manage Transaction Locations page, switch to the Transaction Locations tab.

    • Hover over a Location Name to see the Location tool tip, or
    • Click the location to see the Location Details view.
  1. (Optional) To display the load percentage of a remote machine hosting a WPM Player, click a location to open its Location Details page. Examine the Player Load Percentage widget, as shown in the following figure:

The Player Load Percentage widget uses the following calculation to display data:

player_load = number_of_running_playbacks/total_number_of_playback_workers*100 + transactions_waiting_for_playback

Per the Scalability Engine Guidelines for SolarWinds Products, SolarWinds recommends limiting the number of monitored transactions assigned to a WPM Player to 12 or less. However, note that many factors can impact the load on transaction locations that host WPM Players, including:

  • The complexity of assigned transactions.
  • The length of playback for each transaction.
  • The length of intervals between each transaction playback.
  • The processor speed and RAM available on the system hosting the WPM Player.
  • The amount of SEUM-User or domain accounts involved in playback. See Manage SEUM-User accounts.

If you notice a high load percentage, consider increasing polling time intervals and/or deploying WPM Players to additional systems at a given location to distribute loads more evenly. Visit the SolarWinds online IT community, THWACK, and see the Player Load Percentage thread to learn more about player load performance.

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