Documentation forWeb Performance Monitor

Import WPM recordings

In offline mode, you cannot retrieve recordings directly from the Orion server. You can, however, open recordings that were exported as files. The file extension used depends which recorder was used to create the recording:

  • Recordings created in the Web Transaction Recorder use *.web-recording file extensions.
  • Recordings created in the Deprecated WPM Recorder use *.recording file extensions.

To import a recording into the Orion Web Console:

  1. Click Settings > WPM Settings > Manage Recordings.
  2. On the Recordings tab, click Import.
  3. Browse and select the file, and then click Import
  4. If the recording is password-protected, enter the password, and then click OK.

To import a recording into the Deprecated WPM Recorder, click File > Import.

To open a recording from the Orion server in the Web Transaction Recorder, click Open > Open from Orion server.