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Add client certificates to remote systems support WPM playback

As described in How WPM handles client certificates in recordings, the Web Transaction Recorder does not save actual client certificates in recordings. Only details about certificates (for example, certificate name and issuer) are stored in authentication bindings associated with recordings. To support the playback of recorded transactions that involve client certificates on remote systems, add certificates to the personal certificate store for each SEUM-User account that plays steps within those transactions.

Alternatively, add certificates to the Windows Trusted Root Certificates list on remote systems that host the Web Transaction Recorder and WPM Player service. If Windows and other browsers trust a certificate, WPM recordings and transactions will also.

Client certificate authentication is not supported in FIPS mode. Navigation that requires certificate authentication will return Access Denied messages during playback.

SolarWinds recommends installing client certificates with a Group Policy Object (GPO), and then using domain accounts for playback. For details, see Use local domain accounts as SEUM-User accounts.

To import certificates with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC):

  1. Log into the remote system as an Administrator.
  2. Download or copy the certificate file to the remote system.
  3. In the MMC, use the Certificate Import Wizard to add certificates to the personal certificate store for each SEUM-User account.