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Adjust SolarWinds Platform account permissions for WPM users

This topic describes SolarWinds Platform account setting for WPM users. WPM also uses WPM Player service accounts to provide permissions to WPM Players so they can run transactions.

You can use the Manage Accounts page to provide SolarWinds Platform users with different levels of access to WPM data and functionality. For example, you can assign Allow Recordings Management rights to staff members that:

  • Create recordings and save them to the SolarWinds Platform server.
  • Manage transaction locations where recordings are played back at scheduled intervals.
  • Need to stop playback of WPM transactions with the Unmanage Scheduling Utility (for example, during scheduled maintenance).

Note the following details about SolarWinds Platform accounts and WPM:

  • If a SolarWinds Platform account for a WPM user inherits Admin permission as part of an Active Directory (AD) group, the AD account must also be added as a SolarWinds Platform user. Otherwise, a "You must be a WPM Administrator" message appears.
  • To use domain accounts to manage WPM, each account should be able to log into the SolarWinds Platform Web Console. Use the following format to provide domain credentials for Windows accounts: Domain\Username

For additional recommendations, see Secure Configuration for the SolarWinds Platform.

To adjust SolarWinds Platform account permissions for WPM users:

  1. Click Settings > All Settings:
  2. Scroll to the User Accounts section and click Manage Accounts.
  3. Select an account and click Edit.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of page and expand the WEB PERFORMANCE MONITOR SETTINGS section, which determines whether users can display transactions in various SolarWinds Platform Web Console views.
    WPM Recording SettingsSetting "Allow Recordings Management rights to Yes allows the user to manage recording in the Web Console and in the WPM Transaction Recorder. From there, the user can add a new recording to the SolarWinds Platform or update the existing one with a new version of it.