Documentation forWeb Performance Monitor

About supported WPM recorders

Several recorders are included in WPM:

  • The Web Transaction Recorder introduced in WPM 3.0 offers advanced features, including an integration with SolarWinds Pingdom. Windows and macOS versions are available.
  • The Deprecated WPM Recorder from WPM 2.2.3 is being phased out. For deployment and usage details, see WPM online help.

    Future WPM releases may not support editing recordings or playing transactions that originate in the Deprecated WPM Recorder.

Note the following details about WPM recorders:

  • To learn about deploying Web Transaction Recorders, see the WPM Getting Started Guide.
  • The Web Transaction Recorder does not respond to the middle and right mouse buttons.
  • Some features behave differently if FIPS mode is enabled.
  • Recordings have different file extensions:
    • Web Transaction Recorder files end with .web-recording.
    • Deprecated WPM Recorder files end with .recording.

The following table provides feature comparisons:

Web Transaction Recorder
Web Transaction Recorder

Deprecated WPM Recorder
Text match
Delete text
File download 1
File upload 2
X, Y Capture
Image Match
Image Match with click 3
Wait time
Authentication 4
Proxy authentication
Handle certificates

Capture Tab key 5
Capture Enter, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down key 6
Capture Insert, Delete, Ctrl + key, Shift + key 7 8
Conditional steps
Track navigation between browser tabs
Integration with Pingdom 9