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Introduction to WPM

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) is a comprehensive web application monitoring product that can detect website performance issues based on location, transaction, and page elements, and monitor website load times so you can fix issues before users are affected. WPM proactively identifies if slow web services are impacting user experience without relying on third-party apps.

Many web applications we create and rely on today involve several steps or scripts working together to form a transaction, which must produce a certain output. This could be, for example, a user registering a new account, or a customer putting something in the shopping cart and checking out, etc. The transaction may contain multiple steps and scripts, and span several pages on your site as users log in, click buttons, complete files, or download.

To keep your end users happy, it's crucial that all steps work without problems. Transaction monitoring in WPM provides a way to test web interaction synthetically by running transactions repeatedly, at set intervals. If something fails in a transaction, you can receive an alert.

You can record and run critical transactions as frequently as every 5 minutes, from multiple locations simultaneously. Use the Web Transaction Recorder to capture a series of steps to simulate a user's journey through your website, including login, clicks, and completing forms, or downloading files. Then push recordings to remote systems to replay them from remote locations, as often as you want, and analyze the results.

With WPM, you can:

  • Get an accurate sampling of websites and services from the viewpoint of end users in multiple locations.
  • Monitor the uptime and user experience (UX) of web applications.
  • Display alerts and graphs for websites on both sides of the firewall.
  • Drill into different types of data such as load times, transaction availability, and durations.
  • Create recordings that can be used in SolarWinds Pingdom.

This guide includes the following sections:

Here are some additional WPM resources:

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  • To learn about WPM fundamentals, adjusting account permissions, and adding Web Transaction Recorders or WPM Players to remote servers, see the WPM Getting Started Guide.
  • WPM online help includes details about individual WPM views and widgets, along with the standard WPM documentation set.
  • For details about features shared by WPM and other Orion Platform products such as the Orion Web Console, user accounts, views, and alerts, see the Orion Platform Administration Guide.
  • Visit the SolarWinds Success Center for WPM training resources and support articles.
  • Check out the WPM forum in the SolarWinds online IT community, THWACK, to connect with SolarWinds developers and product managers, plus other WPM users. Some content is created by SolarWinds staff and the rest is created and shared with the community by our customers.