Documentation forWeb Performance Monitor

Upload files in Web recordings

When recording sequences in the Web Transaction Recorder, you can add steps that upload files up to 4 GB, depending on browser limits. Files less than 1 MB can be uploaded directly by the recorder and any transactions created based on the recording.

If you select a file over 1 MB, only the file path is tracked by WPM to prevent performance issues. To ensure that transactions based on a recording can upload the file, you'll need to either:

  • Store files in a shared network folder that WPM transaction locations (that is, remote systems that host the WPM Player service) can access.
  • For each WPM transaction location where the sequence will be played back, recreate the directory and store a copy of the file there.

Note the following details about uploading files:

  • Windows application shortcut files are not supported. Although they store location details for files, they're not actual copies of files.
  • When downloading to a macOS system, only files less than 1 MB are supported. Larger files will block playback.
  • To support playback later, make sure that SEUM-Users (or domain accounts) involved in a transaction have read access to the upload location. See Manage SEUM-User accounts in WPM.
  • If uploading a file exceeds 5 minutes, the WPM Player terminates playback.
  • This feature is not supported in WPM recordings used for Transaction Monitoring in Pingdom.

    To use this feature in FIPS mode, upgrade to WPM 2020.2.2. Otherwise, uploads will not occur during playback.

To upload a file as part of a recording:

  1. While recording, navigate to the URL where you want to upload a file.
  2. Click Choose File, or whatever option you need to click in the web application to upload a file.
  3. When the Open dialog box appears, double-click a file to upload it.

    Files that exceed the 1 MB limit include yellow warning icons.

If a web application uses JavaScript to upload files, that action appears as a separate line in the Recorded Steps pane. Delete it to avoid playback issues.

To edit a recording that includes a file upload:

  1. Click the menu option on the relevant step and click Edit.
    The Edit file upload dialog box appears.
    • If the file was smaller than 1 MB, only the filename appears.
    • If the file was larger than 1 MB, only the file path appears.
    • If the file cannot be found.

  2. Click the pencil icon to select a different file to upload.
  3. In the Open file dialog box, double-click the file to select it.
  4. Click Update to save your changes to this action.