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Use AppStack with WPM

Originally created for SolarWinds SAM, the Application Stack Environment view provides you with detailed visibility to the performance of your WPM environment in a map that shows how all system objects relate to one another, so you can identify trouble areas immediately. Also called the "AppStack™," this view provides a powerful layer of troubleshooting visibility by automatically gathering details about objects in your environment, as well as their respective relationships, and displaying them.

The AppStack Environment view is useful in assessing the overall health of your environment, as well as troubleshooting specific and related problems. It displays the status of individual objects that are categorized and ordered from left to right, with the worst status shown on the left side of the view.

Click My Dashboards > Environment to open the AppStack Environment. Applications, Transactions, and Steps are just some of the categories you can drill down into, as shown in the following figure:

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