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WPM Administrator Guide

Welcome to the WPM Administrator Guide, which provides an overview of product features and related technologies, along with recommendations on best practices and troubleshooting information for common situations.

Use this guide to configure and customize WPM beyond the WPM Getting Started Guide, which offers planning, installation, and configuration details, along with an overview of how WPM works.

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SolarWinds Platform features in WPM

WPM includes many features that are part of the SolarWinds Platform, the core architecture for the SolarWinds IT Management portfolio.


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Here are some additional resources about WPM:

  • To install the main WPM application on the SolarWinds Platform server, see the SolarWinds Platform server Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  • See the WPM Getting Started Guide to learn the basics about WPM, including how to deploy components to remote systems in your environment.
  • For details about SolarWinds Platform features in WPM, see the SolarWindsAdministrator Guide.
  • To learn about different ways to leverage WPM, see WPM Use Cases.
  • See WPM online help for details about WPM views and widgets, alert variables, and more.
  • Explore the SolarWinds Success Center for WPM training resources and support articles.
  • Visit THWACK to connect with SolarWinds developers, product managers, and other customers.
  •   See this video: Website Performance Monitoring.