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Upgrade WPM Players on remote systems

As described in Configure remote systems that host WPM Players, the WPM Player Settings tool has an "Enable automatic update" option. If enabled, the WPM Player service on a remote system is automatically updated when you launch the WPM Player and it detects a new version on the Orion server. If that option is not enabled, you'll be prompted to update the WPM Player the next time it runs. Either way, the new player retains all information and your current transactions begin to poll again.

If you decide not to enable automatic updates, follow steps in Deploy WPM Players to remote systems to upgrade players.

Before upgrading the OS on a remote system that hosts a WPM Player to Windows 10 v.1607 or later, SolarWinds recommends backing up player configuration (*.config) files. Otherwise, Windows may overwrite those files when you upgrade.