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IP SLA management in SolarWinds VNQM

By using VNQM you can monitor IP SLA operations that are set on your devices. Designing a tailored set of IP SLA operations for monitoring your devices is a complex task.

For more information about IP SLA operations and quality of service metrics in VNQM, see Quality of Service and IP SLAs in SolarWinds VNQM.

After you have designed a set of IP SLA operations to be used for monitoring your devices, complete the following steps:

  1. Configure your devices for IP SLA operations. For more information, see Configure devices for IP SLA operations.
  2. Add devices that you want to monitor to your database. For more information, see Adding Devices for Monitoring in the Web Console.
  3. Add your devices as IP SLA nodes into VNQM. For more information, see Add IP SLA nodes to SolarWinds VNQM.
  4. Define IP SLA operations to be monitored by VNQM. For more information, see Add IP SLA operations.

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