Manage call managers

Call Manager devices are managed on the Manage Call Manager Nodes page.

The Manage Call Manager Nodes page provides a list of Cisco® CallManager, CallManager Express, and Avaya Communication and Media Server devices that are currently monitored by VNQM.

You can monitor call managers from manufacturers other than Cisco and Avaya if you use a custom management information base (MIB) poller specifically configured for your call manager from other manufacturers. You cannot monitor call manager specific data, such as VoIP phones, region information, or call data. For more information, see Add call manager devices from other manufacturers.

To access the Manage Call Manager Nodes page:

  1. Log in to the Orion Web Console as an administrator.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings > VoIP & Quality Settings.
  3. Click Manage CallManager Nodes.

CLI credentials

Command line interface (CLI) credentials are used to log in to any device, such as a call manager, a gateway, a router, and so on, that accepts commands through a command line interface. You can provide text input through the command line, and receive text output after the execution of the command. For more information about CLI credentials and their usage, see Configure CLI credentials in SolarWinds VNQM.

The CLI credentials are also used for logging in to Avaya Call Managers. For more information, see Add Avaya Call Manager devices to SolarWinds VNQM.

Credentials used for Cisco CallManager

To exercise the full benefits of monitoring Cisco CallManager devices, you can provide AXL credentials and FTP credentials to the CDR/CMR data. By downloading CDR/CMR data from CallManager devices, SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager can track the region information of each call made through your monitored Cisco CallManager device.

AXL refers to the Administration XML API of Cisco, which provides a mechanism to receive and modify data in the database of the call manager. VNQM queries the database for region information. No information is modified in the database. You can create a read only AXL account specifically for VNQM.

You need the following AXL roles in order to perform VNQM actions:

  • Standard AXL API Access: Basic access to the API. You need this role for communication between VNQM and the Cisco CallManager.
  • Standard CCM Admin Users: Provides access to the Cico CallManager Administration user interface. The role serves as authentication for all administrator tasks.
  • Standard Serviceability Administration: Provides you access to all Serviceability AXL APIs, such as SNMP-related windows or alert configuration and definition.

VNQM performs the following AXL actions:

  • SQL queries sent using XML/SOAP to the interface in order to retrieve results
  • VNQM AXL calls:
    • SIP Trunk data polling
      • Retrieves information such as ID, name, description, SIP profile, device pool, or destination port.
      • Main usage of AXL in VNQM.
    • Phone Region Query
    • Gateways Region Query
    • Basic Call manager info (name, ID)

To monitor CDR/CMR data, perform the following tasks to both publisher and subscriber Cisco CallManager Devices.

  1. Configure the Cisco CallManager to monitor calls. For more information, see Configure Cisco CallManagers for FTP.
  2. Enable the AXL API. For more information, see your manufacturer's documentation.
  3. Create an AXL account. For more information, see your manufacturer's documentation.

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