Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand VoIP and Network Quality Manager

Delete Network Service Assurance operations

To stop monitoring specific Network Service Assurance operations in SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager, complete the following procedure.

Deleting manually added Network Service Assurance operations from SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager only removes the operations from the list of monitored operations. The operations will still exist on your network devices. You must manually remove operations from your devices to completely remove the operations. If you do not remove the operations, you will not be able to add other operations with the same number.

To delete Network Service Assurance Operations from SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager:

  1. Log in to your SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager server as an administrator.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings.
  3. Under Product Specific Settings, click VoIP & Network Quality (VNQM) Settings.
  4. Under Manage Network Service Assurance Operations, click Edit or delete operations.
  5. Select the operations you want to delete, and click Delete.
  6. When prompted to confirm, click Delete to stop monitoring the selected operations.