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Configure a call manager device to send data to SolarWinds VNQM

After you discover a call manager node, add it to the SolarWinds Platform database, and add it to SolarWinds VNQM, you must configure the call manager device to send CDRs and quality data to SolarWinds VNQM. SolarWinds recommends that you consult your vendor's documentation for instructions on configuring your device to send data.

If you are unsure of which documentation to use to configure your device, or if you cannot find the documentation, use the following keywords when searching the vendor website:

  • For Cisco: CDR, CMR, SNMP Master Agent, Billing\FTP server, AXL API access
  • For Avaya: CDR, CQR\RTCP

SolarWinds provides detailed configuration instructions for Cisco CallManager and Avaya Communication and Media Server devices.