Documentation forVoIP and Network Quality Manager

Supported devices in SolarWinds VNQM

SolarWinds VNQM supports the following devices:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) version 6 through version 12.5.
  • IP SLA operations are supported on devices running Cisco IOS 12.x and later.
  • IP SLA operations are supported on Cisco ASR 9000 series routers with the firmware 6.0.1-IOS XR.

    You cannot create, modify, or delete IP SLA operations on Cisco ASR 9000 series routers. VNQM supports only discovery and monitoring of existing IP SLA operations on these devices.

  • IP SLA operations are supported on the following Cisco Nexus devices:
    • Nexus 3000 (starting 7.x).
    • Nexus 7000 (starting 6.x).
    • Nexus 9000 (starting 7.x).
  • Avaya Communication and Media Server series S83xx, S87xx, and S88xx.
  • Avaya Aura version 6.x through 7.1.
  • Adding IP SLA operations to any Cisco Nexus device is not supported.
  • Monitoring IP SLA operations on Cisco Nexus 5000 devices is not supported.
  • SolarWinds VNQM does not support Avaya IP Office.
  • SolarWinds VNQM does not support Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS) devices.