Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

View script jobs history

The Script Jobs report contains information about all scripts that have been deployed to devices in your account. Create scripts from the Management section of the Admin Area and deploy those scripts from the Devices page. Then use the Script Jobs report to view the status and details of each script job.

  1. From the Devices page of the Admin Area, select one or more devices and click Deploy script from the options at the top of the page.
  2. Choose a script to deploy and select a Start On date.
  3. Click System Account in the Run as field to specify credentials to run the report as a different local machine or local user.
  4. Select the Advanced tab to specify when the deployment will stop, and if the computer will discard the job if it is not completed after a specific amount of time.
  5. In the Notification section, Register Only is selected to indicate the script will be logged in the Reports section of the Admin Area. Select Send Email, and enter an email address to send a notification of the script job.
  6. Click Deploy to deploy the script.
  7. Navigate to Reports > Script Jobs to view the status and progress of the script.

Use the Details, Content and Results tabs in the Script History window to view the status and results of the script.