Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Configure integration options for your account

Learn about and set up the advanced integration options in Dameware Remote Everywhere. These integration options help to provide your customers with a seamless support experience.

  1. Navigate to Profile > Integration and use the Your Web Site section to add a Get Support button to your website. Copy the code presented at the center of the screen and paste it in the code of your own web page.
  2. To modify the aesthetics of the button, you can comment out the colored code and use your own URL.

  3. Select the Exclusive link tab and enter the link from which your clients can request support. Choose one of the available options offered by the drop down box at the left. Directly below, you can preview the Exclusive Link (used by the clients to send a support request) and the Applet direct download link (used by the clients to initiate the download of the Applet).
  4. Select the Notifications tab and choose which events trigger email notifications for your Helpdesk Center. There are three possible events, and each one can notify a different email recipient.
  5. Use email filtering rules to forward these messages to different technicians, based on certain conditions (customer number, computer name, request queue).

  6. Select the Proxy tab to configure and use the Dameware Remote Everywhere Proxy to establish sessions with computers that are not connected to the Internet. Click Download to open the Proxy documentation and learn which inbound and outbound ports to open in order to get the proxy to work correctly.

  7. Save your changes.