Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Access the Admin Area Dashboard

The Dashboard of the Administrative Area shows a wide variety of data, including a full list of technicians currently online, the number of active sessions, as well as missed sessions and running sessions from the last 24 hours.

  • Use the links at the top menu bar to:
    • Enable or disable remote control mode
    • Open the Technician Console
    • Provide feedback
    • Search the Admin Area
    • View Alerts
    • Open the Remote Control Mode menu and enable or disable remote control mode.
    • You can also see how licenses are being used, view or transfer support requests and initiate a support session directly from this menu.

  • Click to access the User Menu and select Licensing Information to add licenses to your account. You can also change your language or account password, edit your account information, activate two-factor authentication, or use the Panic Button.

  • Click to access the Help section of the Admin Area. From here you can access the Viewer Shortcuts Guide to learn about all the available shortcuts in Dameware Remote Everywhere, or access the Dameware Remote Everywhere User Guide.
  • Use the Navigation Menu on the left side of the page to select any of the following options: