Documentation forDameware Remote Everywhere

Use the Computer menu during a support session

Technicians can perform certain actions on a customer's computer during a support session. Navigate to to access the Advanced menu and hover over Computer to access the following operations:

  • Add PC to My Computers list – installs the Dameware Remote Everywhere Agent on the remote computer. If the Applet is not running with the necessary permissions, a warning message pops up alerting the user to correct the problem. Select Settings from the Agent configuration window to configure the Agent.
  • This feature is available in the Applet only.

  • Request Administrator Privileges – requests admin level permissions when the Applet is running with limited privileges. Required Administrator credentials are provided either by the customer or by the technician, but the customer always has to explicitly authorize the elevation if UAC (User Account Control) is enabled. The remote Applet restarts, and causes the connection to break, but the session resumes when the Applet comes back online. This feature is available in the Applet only.
  • Ask Remote User Credentials – requests the customer's username and password, which allows the technician to perform automated restarts of the system. This feature is available in the Applet only.